Capacitieve vingerafdrukscanner - UART (AD-013)

Capacitieve vingerafdrukscanner - UART (AD-013)
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner - UART (AD-013) 100x80
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner - UART (AD-013) 100x80
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner - UART (AD-013) 100x80
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner - UART (AD-013) 100x80
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Fingerprint scanners have been easily available at a consumer level for a number of years now, so it is only logical that they would continue to grow and evolve as time moves on. That's what bring us to this Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner from ADH-Tech. The AD-013 fingerprint sensor module is a combination fingerprint scanner and MCU and provides a UART interface port for easy functionality.

The AD-013 sets itself apart from other finger print scanners with the ability to read a fingerprint's image by pixel array and delivering ridge or valley signals to the A/D converter and digital processor, then to the serial peripheral interface for data-reading. The on-board MCU uses a fingerprint algorithm allowing you, through UART, to use MCU SOC commands to operate module like fingerprint enroll, match operations, and more.

The AD-013 features an image resolution of 508dpi, a recognition time of less than 0.6 seconds, and can store up to 40 high quality templates. Unlike other fingerprint scanners, this version includes an an interface cable with a 6-pin male hook-up output that attaches to the connection port for easy set-up and assembly.

  • 1x Interface Cable
  • 160x160 Pixels
  • Built-in ADC for Digitizing Image
  • UART Interface
  • Data encryption
  • Short Readout Time

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