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XBee SIP Adapter

XBee SIP Adapter
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The XBee SIP Adapter is a fully-assembled, small-footprint solution for interfacing the most commonly-used XBee module features with your 3.3 V or 5 V microcontroller.

The 2 x 5 dual SIP header makes a sturdy connection to your breadboard or through-hole board, and brings the basic connections to your prototyping area without taking up a lot of space. The more advanced XBee features are still accessible, through additional headers on the module.

Key Features:
  • Onboard 3.3 V regulator
  • 5V to 3.3 V logic translator buffers common I/O pins
  • Six status indicator LEDs for Power, Tx, Rx, RSSI, Associate and mode (Sleep/ON)
  • Small footprint dual SIP header provides support and allows easy interfacing to DOUT (TX), DIN (RX), RTS, 5 V supply and ground
  • 5-pin female header connections provides interfacing to other XBee pins such as sleep, reset and associate
  • A row of 10 plated through-holes with 0.1” spacing allows the option of soldering jumper wires or a header (not included) for access to the remaining XBee pins in advanced applications
  • An additional plated through-hole gives access to 3.3 V output for ADC reference (VREF) when required
  • Adapter board is pre-assembled - no soldering required for using most common XBee features
  • Compatible with all Parallax microcontrollers, including the 5 V BASIC Stamp modules and 3.3 V Propeller P8X32A

Note: This SIP Adapter is compatible with XBee and XBee Pro modules.

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